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We are a small group of marriage counselors dedicated to helping all couples have healthier and happier marriages. Teaching as many as possible the life changing tools and strategies that make all marriages stronger together. Join us for one of our workshops or make an appointment to see us privately. We are here to help you.

The Team

Meet Our Marriage Counselors

Dr. Ray Smith
Dr. Ray Smith

Ed.D., D.Min.

Sara Yarbrough
Sara Yarbrough

Prepare Enrich Certified Counselor

Project Sponsor

This project is sponsored by: Healthy Counseling Center

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If you are interested in connecting with us for a private assessment of your current relationship and/or want to attend one of our workshops [Married Couple / Blended Couple] please fill out this form to get started. To take the initial online assessment the cost is $35 per/couple. All Fields Required.

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We know from decades of experience that some skills are best explained in group settings in a fun and educational environment, while personal topics still remain private.

Total Costs: $35/assessment $50/week (8 week date nights $435/couple)

Blended Couple:
This workshop is best for couples that have blended families involved in your marriage.

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