Positively Impact the Rest of Your Life

3 Simple Steps to a Happier, Healthier Marriage

We offer marriage counseling to couples with more affordable solutions for today’s fast-paced couples.
Designed to help all couples:



Commit to each other to work on improving your marriage together.
(Both need to participate)


Create your couples service intake assessment reports.
(To use privately with you both)


Join one of our workshops that meet for 90 minutes a week.
(Date Nights with a purpose)

Make 2019 the year to invest in a happier, healthier marriage that will positively impact the rest of your life. Join us and other couples for a few weeks of intensive workshops, meeting weekly for 90 minutes, that will help you maximize existing strengths, reduce conflict and increase intimacy in your marriage.

FAQ: How does it all work?

First we meet with each couple and conduct a detailed, personalized couples assessment to uncover shared strengths and growth areas before the workshop even begins.

1. This step will cost each couple $35 resulting in a clear and easy to understand set of reports we will use with you.

2. Attend a couples workshop. ($50 /week)**

During the workshop, each couple will learn specific tools:

  1. Resolve lingering and escalating conflicts
  2. Develop a more efficient team approach to navigating life’s transitions and challenges
  3. Balance needs for family, friends, career, finances & home
  4. Create a more satisfying sex life
  5. Parenting strategies

** For the price of a few date nights, you can invest in the longevity of your most important relationship. ($50 /week)

Get Started Today

If you are interested in connecting with us for a private assessment of your current relationship and/or want to attend one of our workshops [Married Couple / Blended Couple] please fill out this form to get started. To take the initial online assessment the cost is $35 per/couple. All Fields Required.

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About Us

We are a small group of Marriage Counselors in Spokane, WA. that recognize the desperate need for more affordable solutions become available to today’s fast-paced lifestyle couples.

We know, with decades of experience, that some topics and subjects are best for the couple to experienced in a fun and educational group type setting were you are personally invited.

We know from decades of experience that some skills are best explained in group settings in a fun and educational environment, while personal topics still remain private.

Total Costs: $35/assessment $50/week (8 week date nights $435/couple)

Married Couples:
This workshop is best for couples that have only been married to each other or plan to.

Blended Couple:
This workshop is best for couples that have blended families involved in your marriage.

Married Couples:
This workshop is best for couples that have only been married to each other or plan to.

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